Hello, I'm

Hi there, and thanks for checking my website.  I hope you find something of interest here.

Gary (husband) and I have been married for 55 years, really a lifetime, eh, and have 4 kids and 10 grandkids and now a great grand baby, Yeah!  We have had a number of careers in that time, some would even say we can't keep a job!!  We have been farmers, ranchers, sailors, entrepreneurs,  and even long distance truck drivers and held a number of other jobs in between, so maybe the "some" might be correct.  If nothing else life has been varied.

When we came back from sailing in the South Pacific for 5 years, we were looking for some method of earning a living in the land where people expected us to wear shoes.  The job market in the farming and ranching industry didn't look too promising, we didn't have enough money left to buy another farm,  so I was approached one day about starting my own business from my home.  Sounded great to me, and off I went to become an entrepreneur.

Found that I loved that, was good at it, went to loads of meetings, read loads of great books by all the gurus and thought I was invincible. Qualified for Bonus cars, trips and of course cash, and then became restless, so out I went to get a "real job".  And here is where you say "HUH" were you crazy!  Yes probably, but that is what I did anyway.  Didn't much like the "real world job's"  but plugged away at it anyway, and just had my entrepreneur ship as a hobby.  

Rush forward a number of years, Gary and I were both truck driving, a career path I really enjoyed.  The trucking company we were leased to that I had so much enjoyed had just sold out and was bought out by one of the big guys, who seemed to figure we were just a number,  so we decided it was time to fold it all up, get rid of our trucks, retire and go back to boating.  Our boat was sitting in Long Beach CA and in less than 2 months, the suburban was packed and actually overpacked, we had stuff on the top, hanging off the back and inside, and we trundled down I-5 to Long Beach.

After spending 9 years running back and forth to Canada in the summer and Baja in the winter, actually an ideal way to truck and especially to see family,  this year we decided to do the Puddle Jump and headed to the Pacific.  Check my blog for our progress.

Now back to the business part. While we are sailing I wanted something worth while to do, besides the normal housework that never stops, So I thought I would regenerate my Shaklee business. Don't get me wrong, I  had never stopped using products or sponsoring people when someone came up and said "how can I get these products", But the business was definitely on the back burner. 

I was very grateful to run into Jody on Your Freedom Project, who specialised in helping people run their businesses thru social media, blogs etc. And found a perfect fit for me.  It has taken me awhile to get enough computer skills to be even moderately proficient, but the VA service they provide has been a big help. Anyone who goes into this business right now with computer or smart phone capabilities will be leaps ahead of me.

So, Have a great life, hope you found something on this site that interested you. 

Happy 2019